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#4 Suspending Game Logins

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.01.2017 09:47AM
Alright friends, let's talk about why we had the emergency maintenance. There was an issue that when someone in certain zones completed a Mission and hit the accept button to complete it, they would receive the rewards but the Mission wouldn't actually complete. This meant someone could infinitely hit the accept button over and over again and reap those rewards.

This created a bad situation for two reasons. First, it was extremely exploitable. Two, someone could get stuck where they couldn't progress because of their Mission not completing. For this reason we brought the servers down and started exploring if we could fix it live, without a patch (we can!).

We believe we can get this issue resolved and get the servers back online within about 45 minutes from the time of my post (hopefully sooner!). I will continue to pass on updates as I have them, thanks everyone.

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