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#2 Update to the 250% CXP Event.

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 07.02.2017 11:13AM
Originally Posted by teclado View Post

Hey Eric, it's just a wording game. You originally called it a "250% increase" to CXP. I am in fact a math savvy person, and that wording means a rate of 3.5x. Here's why:

100% increase ==> base + base ==> 2x
150% increase ==> base + base + 1/2 base ==> 2.5x
200% increase ==> base + base + base ==> 3x
250% increase ==> base + base + base + 1/2 base ==> 3.5x

A "100% increase" to something means that the thing grows by the entirety of itself one time. A "200% increase" means the thing grows by the entirety of itself two times. Et cetera.

So if something increases by 250%, then it is being multiplied by 3.5. It probably would have been much less prone to wording games if you had just called it 2.5x or 3.5x or whatever it was intended to be. If you communicated that you wanted a "250% increase" to your engineers, they would have said "ok, so that means 3.5x" and set their coefficient accordingly.

So, in the interest of clarity, let's just use multipliers rather than semi-ambiguous percent increase / not-increase.
Fair point. It does raise the question of if the % is a bonus or not. I will simplify it based on your own recommendation

Previously the CXP event was meant to be a 2.5x multiplier and it is now a 3.5x multiplier. If you would normally receive 100 CXP, the event would originally grant you 250 CXP and will now grant you 350 CXP.

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