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How can I get a Dev's attention to stop the cheating on Zakuul???

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.02.2017 02:06PM
Originally Posted by PatT View Post
Phone support can't help me with in game issues. But we're not supposed to say anything about cheaters here, and putting in tickets does nothing. HOW THE HECK CAN I GET BIOWARE'S ATTENTION????!!!!

The cheating on Zakuul in the gathering areas is ridiculously bad. People (gold sellers) have figured out how to play and move outside the environment. Yes, I am putting this here because mayb,e maybe it will get a DEV'S attention and they'll DO SOMETHING about it!!! I tried tickets... 3 times. I get the standard, automated response. But nothing has changed. They're worse.


I am TRYING to get a devs attention. I hope this works. They need to take a human and go there and see what's happening. Watch the un-attended companions who are looking at the floor becaus ethe player us UNDER the floor.

Hey there,

First and most importantly, we are actively looking into the reports about what is happening on Zakuul so thank you and all the others who have reported it to us.

I did want to use this opportunity as a reminder on how to report these issues. Definitely submit a bug report/contact CS if you see something suspicious. It is possible that you may get a standard response, but that does not mean the issue wasnt forwarded onto the dev team. In fact, CS forwarded this very issue to us from player reports! Also, as some others have mentioned in the thread, send a PM via the forums to myself and/or Tait and we can pass on that information. We do our best to respond to all of our PMs but even when we don't, know that we are reading them and sending them on. Especially when it relates to potentially serious issues such as exploits.

Thanks everyone.

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