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#3 Why did you nerf Fractured Uprising CxP?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 06.03.2017 05:15PM
Hey folks,

Here is what happened. This change is intended, it just wasn't supposed to happen until 5.2. That is the reason it was missed in the patch notes.

In 5.1.2 we made a lot of adjustments to the rewards that come from Missions. Our goal was to rebalance these Missions to account for difficulty, number of players, and time spent. In 5.1.2, these were all buffs. We wanted to make these experiences better while the event was running.

As most people know, Fractured was far and away the best source of CXP for Uprisings. We did need to bring it in line with the other Uprisings for time spent to reward ratio. However, we were planning to do this after the event was over so that we didn't nerf any activities while it was running. Unfortunately the change got picked up early and went live in 5.1.2.

I will work on getting it added to patch notes and I apologize for it being missed. It is our goal that CXP gains are based on time, difficulty, and group size, with that in mind I will let you know of any future changes which are planned.

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