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Please post the new armor sets as direct sale on the CM

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 22.05.2018 02:50PM
Originally Posted by Starryl View Post
I was very disappointed to find out that the new armor sets are not in direct sale and are instead in Ultimate Cartel Packs. The Freelance Hunter and Charismatic Mandalorian are amazing sets that I would love to purchase, but it seems they'll be extremely expensive on the GTN if they are only obtainable through the Ultimate Cartel Pack. The rng in getting those sets is basically impossible considering they contain every item in the CM.

Bioware I beg you, please add them on direct sale.
I can tell you that both of those items will be going up for direct sale in the coming weeks (I don't have exact timing right now). Although you can try to get them in the Ultimate Pack if you choose, the items that got added in 5.9 will roll out to the Market as direct sale over time, so you can just purchase what you want if you prefer.


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