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#7 PTS Coming Down

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.09.2018 04:32PM
Hey folks,

Here are some of the final changes happening between the last PTS patch and live:
  • Throw the Huttball will now appear in the first slot of the po-up quickbar regardless of how a player receives the Huttball.
  • The map inside Vandin has been updated.
  • To address concerns regarding difficulty in getting back into the match after scoring, a grapple has been added which will take a player from the endzone to the nearby catwalk.
  • Consular stuns will work as intended.
  • The team arrows will now change dynamically similar to Queshball.
  • Fixed a variety of bugs related to Shield / Crit.
  • Players will now be stunned when the Vandin Huttball match ends.
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