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Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 14.12.2020 12:14PM

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I cant respond to every single one or else the dev tracker will be spammed way too much, but I wanted to acknowledge that I am constantly checking this thread, and making note of your replies. There are a couple I want to directly respond to which you will see below.

Originally Posted by xordevoreaux View Post
Find moderators who comprehend the difference between topics of sex and sexuality. They are not synonymous, and we shouldn't get dinged for one because they confuse it with the other.

Please feel free to PM me some examples of what has happened in the past.

Originally Posted by DuchessKristania View Post
There is one problem I have with locking threads based on when they last had a post. Some of the love threads will go awhile without posts, but when something new comes up with that character people use the thread again. I have no problem with locking threads that have no relevance, but I think character fan threads should be an exception to this. Sometimes characters get new content, a new player discovers that character for the first time, etc, etc.

Can you PM me an example of a thread like this, so I can easily identify when I come across one?

Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post

So I have to wonder why you created such a forum if you're not going to visit and respond to the topics there yourself.

I need a starting point. So I would rather open up the dialogue with the community and get a feel for whats important to everyone. The good thing is that theres a variety here, so it gives me an idea of where pain points are.

And please dont mistake my first forum post as me only paying attention to this one thread and not going anywhere else. I plan on reading through a lot of the history that covers more than 2020. Again, I just wanted a starting point.

Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
You asked for specific feedback. Ye shall receive:

I appreciate you bringing feedback to my attention, but Im using this thread to focus on parts of the forum that need improvement.

Originally Posted by OlBuzzard View Post

*** Additional input. There's a couple items I'd love to run by you. IMO .. might be better via PM to initialize. Your call. I respect your decision !

Feel free to send a PM!

Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post

If you wonder why the flavour of this forum isn't as positive as you would hope, that's what happens if you leave a community unmanaged for many years. Read the whole dev tracker, if you want to understand why the forum is how it is. All answers are there....

Don't take it personal, I'm sure you're goodwilled, with a positive spirit and work attitude, but I expect that you will go silent before the end of the year. Like ALL other community management people* before you have done, despite all promises, despite us giving them chance after chance after chance, just to be left disappointed again.

Im no stranger to various levels of feedback. I dont consider what Im reading as positive or negative. I see it as people just being genuine and authentic in how they feel. I dont take these posts personally. The reason why I exist now is very much in part with what you just wrote. While I do have to take into consideration how the dev tracker works as I dont want to spam that feed, I am here to be a bridge in communication between players and the dev team and vice versa.

Originally Posted by Damask_Rose View Post

Similarly, having a dialogue with people on pts threads asking for feedback would encourage more people to participate. The majority of the time it's crickets. Does anyone read those threads? It doesn't feel like it since nothing ever seems to get modified based on that feedback (Except the Rishi stronghold while Musco was on paternity leave.) Could someone pop in and explain why or why not changes are being made or not being made?

Im here to help in that regard. A little bit of a follow up question, what does this process look like in your mind? Individual responses within the same thread? Stickied wall of text that is linked to the thread where the feedback is coming from? Feel free to PM your ideas!

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