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Minor Rampage Achievement Boost Clarification

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 15.01.2021 11:17AM

Hi all!

We have seen some confusion recently regarding the functionality of the Minor Rampage Achievement Boost, so I wanted to take this opportunity to go over its intended functionality.

As you progress your journey through the Galaxy, you will come across various Achievements for defeating a certain number of generic enemies. Lets take a look at a few of these.
  • Removing the Riff Raff: Defeated 100 Criminal Combatants on Corellia (located under Aliens and Mercenaries in the Corellia Location section of Achievements)
  • Taris Eradication: Defeated 5000 non-player opponents while on Taris as a Republic player (located under General in the Taris Location section of Achievements)
  • T7-01 = Honorary Jedi: Defeated 1000 enemies with T7-01 as your active companion (located under T7-01 in the Jedi Knight Companions section of Achievements)
  • Im Gunna Get You, Czerka: Defeated 480 non-player opponents while on CZ-198 (located under General in the CZ-198 Dailies section of Achievements)

Using the Minor Rampage Achievement Boost will increase the defeat counts for these Achievements by 2x. This means 1 defeated Criminal Combatant on Corellia will count as 2 as far as the Achievement counter is concerned, allowing you the opportunity to obtain these Achievements at an expedited rate. Keep an eye open for Achievements which similarly require general enemies to be defeated - the Minor Rampage Achievement Boost will increase those counts!

This boost will not however affect counts towards Player defeat Achievements, Boss or Named Enemy defeat Achievements, or Conquest Objectives.

For example, you are on CZ-198 defeating enemies for the CZ-198: Defeat Enemies Conquest Objective, and you also have the Minor Achievement Boost active. The counts for the Conquest Objective will remain 1:1 (meaning 1 defeated enemy counts as 1 count toward your Conquest Objective), however counts towards the Im Gunna Get You, Czerka Achievement will be doubled, even if you are defeating the same enemy.

We hope this information helps clarify the functionality of this new boost!
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