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#8 Galactic Seasons Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 09.04.2021 11:23AM
Hi everyone,

We wanted to clarify info based off of the feedback we have been seeing regarding the Fleet Penthouse Strongholds.

Over the course of PTS, we increased the amount of tokens that you were able to receive during the season from 12 to 15. We have noticed that this led to assumptions that this increase will allow players to purchase both Fleet Strongholds. It is intended for only one of the Strongholds to be obtainable during one season, so you will be able to acquire the other in the following season. This will remain even with the increase of tokens. When Galactic Seasons goes live, each Stronghold will cost a total of 8 tokens. The cost for the Stronghold was set to 1 credit during PTS for testing purposes only.

There has also been feedback regarding the Stronghold cap. We will be increasing the cap from 15 to 20. Please understand that while the cap is being increased, it is intended that players could have one of each Stronghold that the game offers as opposed to maintaining duplicate Strongholds.

We did see a question asking if Guilds could purchase the Fleet Strongholds. They are not designed to be purchased by Guilds as they are only for Legacy. It should also be noted that it is intended that the Guild purchased Stronghold cap will remain as is.

Lastly, the Fleet Penthouse Strongholds will behave in the same manner as a Stronghold that is purchased with Cartel Coins when it comes to transferring them. You will not need to repurchase it, but you will need to redecorate it. More info on how Strongholds work during a transfer can be found here.

As always, thank you all for the feedback you have sent in!

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