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Game Update 6.3 - Known Issues

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 27.04.2021 01:28PM
Originally Posted by Luckjim View Post
I just completed the 2 Balmorra Republic Heroics, Colicoid Massacre and Local Predators. I was rewarded with 30 kills that counted towards "Defeat Coreward World Enemies" but only 17 of those kills counted towards "Defeat Balmorra Insectoids" Doing the math in my head, I believe in the instanced part of Local Predators, the Colicoid Queen and her adds did not count as Insectoids. This is the only way the divergence of numbers makes sense as I only killed Colicoids on Balmorra.
Thanks for the report regarding the "Balmorra: Defeat Insectoids" Objective. I've transferred the information to our team for additional verification.
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