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#2 Operative and Sniper on the PTS!

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 25.08.2021 12:38PM
Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
While ever we are testing new changes and providing feedback, I believe those feedback threads need to be stickied so they are easy to find and feel relevant. At the moment they feel like theyve been cast aside.
That is unless bioware have decided to stop reading those feedback threads and making changes based on said feedback.
If thats the case, then it would be good to know if we should bother testing those classes so we dont waste our time on something that isnt read.

Jackie, if you are reading this, can you provide some clarification on this.
Hey TrixxieTriss,

We haven't stopped reading the feedback on the Guardian and Sentinel threads. I still provide the team with the constructive feedback from the threads when they are updated. It's why I heavily linked them in the OPs for the Sniper and Operative general and 'how to access' posts and also provided the Change Log.

We do plan on offering more classes to be tested in future PTS phases, so having all the individual feedback threads stickied would become a bit cumbersome. Even with everything stickied now, there's quite a bit. That said, I can work on LordCamTheGreat's suggestion with having a master feedback thread that is stickied as a compromise. Additionally, I'll be leaving a note for myself to consolidate the general and how to access posts for future PTS phases to save more room on the first page of threads.
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