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#2 Galactic Seasons - Season 2 Updates

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 27.08.2021 11:12AM
Hi all!

Now that weve had time to look at some of the systemic changes coming to Galactic Seasons with Season 2, lets now take a deeper look at the Priority Objectives themselves. Well go through some of the currently planned Objectives and take a look at what a Galactic Seasons week may look like.

Before we jump into that, I would like to quickly touch on some of the questions we have seen come up since the initial post.

Q: Will this change the pace at which players can progress through the Season?
A: Generally speaking, no. It is our intention to keep roughly the same cadence as Season 1.

Q: Will this change eliminate the Reroll function?
A: Yes. The Reroll function will not be present in Season 2.

Q: Will Season 2 be available on PTS prior to launching?
A: Yes, we do intend to have some version of Season 2 available for testing, however it will be in a later PTS phase.

With that, lets dive into it! As a friendly reminder, all of the information below is subject to change.

Weekly POs Will Vary in Complexity and Access
Season 2 Weekly Priority Objectives are planned to mimic the same types of complexities as Season 1. We can easily generalize the week-to-week breakdown of Priority Objectives in the following way:
  • 6 Solo-oriented Objectives
  • 3 Multiplayer-oriented Objectives
  • 1 Subscriber Objective

Just as with Season 1, the Solo-oriented Weekly Priority Objectives can be completed in a shorter amount of time and/or can be done solo. Multiplayer-oriented Weekly Priority Objectives will take longer to complete and/or require multiplayer content to do so. Subscriber Priority Objectives are ones which will require content only Subscribers (and in some cases Preferred players) have access to, and will mix between content which can be solo and content which is multiplayer-oriented.

Galactic Seasons Points will be allocated such that Multiplayer-oriented and Subscriber Weekly Priority Objectives earn the most, followed by Solo-oriented Weekly Priority Objectives. Daily Priority Objectives will offer the least amount of Galactic Season Points.

We are still working on the overall balance of the Galactic Season Point distribution, and will be happy to share some more information on this in a later post!

Weekly Priority Objective Content
Now that we now understand the breakdown of the Priority Objectives on a week-to-week basis, I would like to provide two examples of what a week in Season 2 may look like.

(Week 1 Example)
Complete any 7
  1. March Across the Galaxy - Earn Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.
  2. Utilizing the Shadow - Defeat enemies across the Galaxy with Fen Zeil as your active Companion.
  3. This Will Do Nicely - Affect enemies with destructible pipes, tanks, canisters, and capacitors found throughout the Galaxy.
  4. The Coreward Worlds - Complete Repeatable, Exploration, or Bonus Missions while defeating enemies on Alderaan, Balmorra, Corellia, Manaan, Mek-Sha, and Onderon.
  5. Ace of the Armada - Board your personal ship and complete Space Missions. Earn bonus progress for completing [HEROIC] missions.
  6. Supplying the War Effort - Assemble materials into any of the following War Supplies: Infantry Supply Kits, Starship Weapons, Armored Vehicles, Crystal Capacitors, or a Holocron of Strategy, then assemble an Invasion Force.
  7. A Galaxy at War - Complete Flashpoints. Earn bonus progress for completing Depths of Manaan, Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, or Secrets of the Enclave (requires content). Earn additional bonus progress for defeating their Bonus Bosses.
  8. Clashing in the Stars - Complete Galactic Starfighter matches while earning medals.
  9. Heading the Frontline - Complete Unranked Warzone matches while earning medals.
  10. Profit and Plunder - Complete Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder of Knights of the Fallen Empire on Veteran difficulty or harder. (Requires a Subscription or access to Knights of the Fallen Empire)

(Week 2 Example)
Complete any 7
  1. March Across the Galaxy - Earn Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.
  2. Utilizing the Shadow - Defeat enemies across the Galaxy with Fen Zeil as your active Companion.
  3. Still Got It - Defeat non-player enemies across the Galaxy without the aid of your Companions. (No Companion may be summoned for progression. This does not progress through Warzones, Galactic Starfighter, Flashpoints, or Operations)
  4. Dealings in Hutt Space - Complete Repeatable, Exploration, or Bonus Missions while defeating enemies on Makeb, Nar Shaddaa, Quesh, Voss, and Ossus.
  5. Liabilities of Nar Shaddaa - Track down and defeat the following high profile targets on Nar Shaddaa: Kaeden Ta'kor (Republic), Kallik Kan (Republic), Kaemon Zahor (Empire), and Varus Logan (Empire).
  6. GSI Valued Partner - Complete the Mission: [WEEKLY] GSI Valued Partner Initiative.
  7. Cartel Warbots - Defeat the Rogue Cartel Warbot World Boss on Quesh and Battledroid R4-GL World Boss on Nar Shaddaa.
  8. Stay On Target - Earn Offense and Defense Medals by Capturing and Defending Satellites in Galactic Starfighter.
  9. I Have You Now - Defeat player enemies in Unranked Warzone matches.
  10. Quelling the Uprising - Complete Uprisings. Earn bonus progress for completing Crimson Fang, Done and Dusted, or Firefrost. Earn additional bonus progress for completing them on harder difficulties. (Requires a Subscription)

This list is not all inclusive of the Priority Objectives which may be available for Season 2, however we hope this demonstrates the general notion of what to expect going through this next Season. We intend for there to be some crossover in Priority Objectives from week-to-week; in this example both the Priority Objectives March Across the Galaxy and Utilizing the Shadow are repeated. While building out the Season we are working to be mindful of the frequency of repeats to help keep the Season fresh feeling through.

We hope this helps provide some additional insight into our current plans for Season 2 Priority Objectives, and as before welcome your initial feedback!

Thank you!
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