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PvP Tournament Live Stream Saturday w/ Giveaways

TRE 1v1 Tournament - Red Eclipse

The first Ultimate Regstar Championship will take place Saturday evening at 7pm GMT (2PM EST) on the Red Eclipse server.

Full details are here

As a summary, there are 2 brackets - Stealth vs Stealth and Non Stealth vs Non Stealth in a showdown to see who can press buttons the best.

Pre-show will take place on:

With the main event going down at 7pm GMT over on:

We've got almost 10,000 Cartel Coins to be won in the event, around 15 million in credit prizes, and for the viewers on hitbox we'll have 2400 Cartel Coins to give away along with pet codes and Cartel Packs. We're hoping to make this a monthly event so any support that can be given is greatly appreciated and I hope to see you all tomorrow.

Hosted by: Snave

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