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4.0a Mined

A look at the couple of changes in 4.0a. Not too much here but an interesting Revan change.

Things of note

Please note this isn't a complete list. Looks like there's some code changes and UI changes too that I can't read so they probably changed more things than listed below.

  • Revan Unstable Aberation timer upped from 24 to 36 seconds. Not sure what the timer is for but I would guess it's the spawn timer as it's in the spawner node.
  • Potentially fixed a bug when departing a planet in your ship when you first get your ship. I might be wrong on this one.
  • Removed Zakuul Knight bracers, was never actually sold in game.
  • Removed First Grand Strongholds Pack (never available in game?).
  • Removed Makebian Skybulb Arrangement deco (never available in game?).
  • Removed QA versions of noise generating machine decos.
  • Removed Life Day Holo-Tree (Green), never available in game. This is something that was added between the 4.0 PTS and the live builds, it's possible this might be something they are working on for the 2015 Lifeday event that wasn't supposed to be included yet.
  • Potentially fixed Collection unlock issues for Meditation Chamber, Republic's Yellow Gas Canister, Mercenary Contract: Treek, Cyborg Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-lizard, and Imperial's Black Blue Gas Canister.

In-depth changes

Changed Collections
Changed Decorations
GOM Changes
Changed Items

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