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Its Raining CXP, Daily

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 30.08.2017 01:58PM
Hey folks,

When we released Game Update 5.4 last week, we also introduced a bug which many of you have already noticed. The Daily Missions for Czerka, Oricon, Black Hole, Yavin 4, Ziost, Section X, and Iokath are rewarding substantially more CXP than intended. Instead of giving 75 CXP per Mission, they are currently awarding 1125. Thats a lot of CXP! Proooobably a little more than we would like you to get. For that reason it was our intent that we would address this bug in tomorrows patch. Well, the gods of Iokath were the only ones strong enough to overcome it. After tomorrows patch, only Iokaths Dailies will be back to the appropriate CXP values. The other 6 Daily Areas will still be bugged, which means still they will continue giving you crazy CXP (during double CXP!) until we fix them next week.

Until they are fixed next week, enjoy them. We tried to fix the bug, the bug didnt want to be fixed (pretty sure Keith sabotaged it, he loves all that CXP). So enjoy the extra CXP for a few more days.

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