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Umbara Stronghold Exploit

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 30.08.2017 02:19PM
Hey folks,

There is an exploit which was introduced in Game Update 5.4 that we want to make you aware of, so that you avoid it. Currently, it is possible for someone to use the Guild Ship Summon feature to bring you into the room where you buy the Stronghold, therefore subverting the process of gaining access to the room. This is not intended and is considered an exploit. Do not participate in this exploit. This bug will be fixed in 5.4a tomorrow.

Following the bug being fixed we will begin to investigate the impact of the exploit and what action is required. I will post a follow-up once that has occured. We take exploits very seriously and want to ensure that SWTOR remains an even playing field. Thank you to the vast majority of you, who avoided this exploit.

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