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Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 14.12.2020 03:06PM
Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
Fair enough, but try to understand from my perspective. I reported about a specific bug in the new FP in two forums, the Bug Forum and this thread. I am pleased to read that it will be fixed w/ tomorrow's patch. I understand you justifiably worry about process, but I worry about results and outcomes. And, frankly, I accomplished what I wanted: The bug for Escape the Trap is now being explicitly acknowledged and is scheduled to be fixed.

Point being, I think I have you to thank for the bug getting reported, which only incentivizes people to report their concerns in GD, particularly when we know there is a BW rep reading the thread.

The question is -- do I have you to thank for sending that report (which is now languishing on page 4 of the Bug Forum)? Maybe, maybe not. But it wasn't until this morning that BW said a fix was in place, despite responding to other bug reports. At some point, there will always be the question of accounting for variation.

But as others have noted, absent BW representation in other forums...well, you know the answer.

I hope you can help change that culture b/c my posts here speak directly to improving the forums, albeit by way of example.

I like process because in general, it works. (Of course, if it doesn't then you work to improve it). A good example of this is I cannot take solo credit for this bug being fixed because you posted about it in this thread.

Bugs are and should be reported in the appropriate channels (such as the Bug Report forum and reporting in game). They are prioritized and fixes are implemented. Players using the proper channels to report issues only helps everyone in the long run. If information is spread out everywhere and stored in places where we would not look for reports, then the process becomes that much slower.

This process also takes time. If a bug is reported, we need time on our side to determine all the Ws and H (the who, what, when, where, why, and how). While I understand players want an immediate response to everything they post, we do ask for patience while we investigate and figure things out on our side before we respond to something.

In short, you posting in the bug report forum is greatly appreciated. But posting the same thing under an OP that was specifically asking for a very different type of feedback could very easily get lost.

Both of us want productive and successful results and outcomes, so let's work together toward that.

PS: Don't thank me, thank the devs that went through reports and implemented the fix as quickly as possible
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