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#6 Another Challenger Enters the Fray

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 14.12.2020 02:10PM
Originally Posted by RameiArashi View Post
Hi JackieKo.

Could you check on something for me?

I'm a little confused by post Echoes of Oblivion in game mail.

On two Jedi Knights who did not romance Scourge I received 2 copies of the same letter, each, from Scourge, I reported the duplicating of the letter as a bug but wasn't sure about the content. Though not romantic the tone of "I will follow your lead wherever it takes me" (not an exact quote) makes me wonder if it was in fact meant for a Jedi Knight that romanced him. That and the fact that my Jedi Consular did not get letters from Scourge but got a letter from Kira instead.
And the Jedi Knights did not get Kira's message.

Since I have yet to do the mission on a Trooper or Smuggler I don't know if each class gets different email or if Scourge is just sending email to Jedi Knights he's not meant to and Kira is not sending a letter she is meant to.

Thank you.

(Last run was on Sith Warrior so I think its time to go back to Pub and do Trooper)

Hi! I believe this will be fixed in tomorrow's patch. Please see the full list of patch notes here.
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