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#2 Welcome to the 6.2.1 PTS!

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 21.01.2021 03:17PM
Hey everyone!

We've updated the PTS and it is once again open for testing. Here is a list of the Uprising fixes we've implemented:
  • All: Full Level 75 rebalance of all Uprisings. This includes enemies and bosses.
  • Destroyer of Worlds: Reduced the amount of Trash by about 50%
  • Destroyer of Worlds: Adjusted range of Skurr & Velloc attacks so they now only hit players within their AoE indicators.
  • Done and Dusted: Enslaved Sand Bats now have a reasonable amount of HP
  • Firefrost: Environmental snowfall in the final boss now actually can damage the player.
  • Fractured: Final boss no longer resets randomly after defeating Lord Anril.
  • Fractured: Enemies no longer can go through a specific gate while it's closed.
  • Inferno: Kolto stations now work.
  • Landing Party: Commander Tassar can no longer cast Void Space right after Force Slam.
  • Trench Warfare: Walkers can no longer damage players with missiles while they're on turrets.
  • Trial and Error: Marlon Fenn has a new leap attack that does AoE damage in a radius around him when he lands. Can execute this ability 1-3 times in a row.
  • Trial and Error: Electric Wire Traps no longer Stun the player on anything but Master Mode
  • Trial and Error: It's no longer possible to get stuck on chairs in the final boss's room.
  • Trial and Error: Giant roving laser traps now move slower
  • Trial and Error: AoEs for Alirra Semhess are now more visible and distinct.

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