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Conquest Overhaul

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 21.01.2021 01:04PM
Originally Posted by Voriik View Post
Nope, and Nope. I used to not get involved or dabble in conjecture, but I now 100% know the Crafting Inventor Conquest objective is rife with abuse. I'll have a post on it later, but suffice to say a certain someone had the courage to step forward and show me exactly how it's being exploited for massive conquest gains, in that people with 15 members online can literally hold off 60+ people actively in rampage, world boss runs, or other activities like gsf ect with just a few using a particular program. They even sent me a video of them doing it to demonstrate. If any developer would like it, message me too.

Conquest gained from crafting needs to be Capped per legacy. No more than Half whatever the large yield conquest goal is. It truly is ridiculous the numbers you can output with it in concert with others, something a normal human would struggle to replicate. I'm an officer in one of the largest conquest guilds on impside, and we just barely beat a guild that literally had 15 members on throughout the entire night we were running conquest in one last push. Bogus.
If you have not already, please send reports through the proper channels. I encourage you to go here and follow the steps under the platform SWTOR.

I also ask that you refrain from posting a step by step or breakdown of any type of system abuse in the forums and that you instead include that language in your report and let our team review and process.
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