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Game Update 4.7.3a Patch Notes

Originally Posted by ( Original Post ) | 10.27.2016


  • Resolved an issue that caused players who unlocked the Nathema Zealot's armor set in Collections prior to Game Update 4.7.3 to have the unlock reset. Players who unlocked Nathema Zealot's Armor Set in Collections prior to 4.7.3 but deleted the items have been given a new set to unlock through in-game mail, as well as a refund of the Cartel Coin unlock price. Players who did not delete the items have been refunded the Cartel Coin unlock price so they are not double-charged for unlocking the set. Please re-equip the set in order to unlock it in Collections again.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Nathema Zealot's armor set to unlock Senya's Lightsaber Pike in Collections. Senya's Lightsaber Pike has been removed from Players who received them via Collections Unlock without having received the item through a Cartel Market pack. The Cartel Coin unlock price will be refunded to those who unlocked the weapon account wide at a future date.
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