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January 26th Livestream Wrap-up

Originally Posted by ( Original Post ) | 01.26.2017

On Tuesday Bioware released Game Update 5.1 - Defend the Throne:

  • Master Mode Chapters
  • 5 new Uprisings
  • Galactic Command Gearing Changes -- We know that the changes in 5.1 are just the start. We are looking into simplifying, making faster, and making more alt friendly the gearing in GC. We are also looking into making getting through Command Ranks faster.

Coming in April, Game Update 5.2 which will include:

  • Brand new story arc on Iokath. The Empire and Republic are fighting over control of the planet and you, as the Alliance Commander will choose who to side with.
  • Two returning Companions: Quinn and Elara.
  • After completing Iokath's storyline, it opens up into a new daily area.
  • Coming with Iokath is the first boss of a new Operation. Each subsequent boss will be released in the future with the entire Op being completely released this year.
  • Bioware is planning to have a PTS for 5.2 in the next few weeks. More details to follow.
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