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Game Update 5.0a Patch Notes

Originally Posted by ( Original Post ) | 12.3.2016


  • Crew Skills now display in the Crew Skills UI even if originally opened through the drop down menu.
  • Shae Vizla now properly receives bolster, and has stats comparable to other Companions.
  • The highlighted Galactic Command activity now gives bonus Command Experience as intended.

Missions + NPCs

  • It is now possible to complete the Makeb Mission “Descent into the Core.”
  • Vaylin now appears with the appropriate hologram VFX when seen on the Horizon Guard’s holocom in the opening Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter I cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Chapter XIV to not save player variables. The last playthrough of this Chapter completed will have its variables retained.
  • Chapter XVI: Battle of Odessen can now be completed on Story Mode.
  • NPCs spawned from the Hypergate Vortex in Terror From Beyond no longer grant Command Experience.
  • Planetary Missions no longer auto-complete when using the Galactic Command interface. The Planetary Missions option in Galactic Command has been re-enabled.
  • All gold NPCs now grant 1 Command Experience point (down from 10).
  • Chapter IX is no longer missing text in the French and German clients.
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