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Game Update 4.0.2 Patch Notes

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  • Missing Matrix Shards have been returned to their rightful owners.
  • Vendor Map Icons now display correctly when in a phase.
  • All planet and companion names and descriptions now appear in the French and German clients.
  • Companions now correctly follow players on Guild Flagships.
  • The Blaster's Path Cantina Quick Travel location on Rishi now persists after log out.
  • Players starting the Shadow of Revan Mission chain on their ship now see their Companions react more specifically to their relationship status.
  • Imperial Agents are now granted the Red Blade codex entry during the Mission “Nothing is Ever Easy” on Hutta.
  • The Achievement “Alderaan Civil War: Punching Bag” is now awarded properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain areas to appear extremely foggy when using Very Low graphics settings.
  • Fixed typos in the Alliance and Companion & Contacts tutorial windows.
  • Fixed multiple instances of missing Achievement icons.

Cartel Market

  • The Republic Cartel Contraband Reputation vendor now offers all intended items.
  • The following Cartel Market Color crystals have had their artifact permission requirement removed:
    • Advanced Lime-Green Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Lime-Green Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Pink-Purple War Hero's Crystal
  • Treek's armor set is no longer granted on completion of her acquisition Mission, as companions no longer wear armor.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause players to create a Level 1 Character after using a Start At 60 Token.

Classes + Combat


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to commit their Utility points in the Discipline window.
  • Some Cartel Market Reputation items have had their bind rule changed to Bind on Pickup as intended.

Jedi Knight

  • Burning Storm: Burning effects now properly spread to all targets damaged by Force Sweep or Vigilant Thrust if the affected target is defeated by the initial hit.


  • Burning Sweep: Cauterize and Force Melt burn effects now properly spread to all targets damaged by Force Sweep if the affected target is defeated by the initial hit.

Jedi Consular
Jedi Shadow

  • The duration of Circling Shadows now matches the duration of the Deception Assassin's Induction.

Flashpoints + Operations

Star Fortress

  • Addressed an issue where Companions could sometimes be defeated by the Lightbridge after the fight with the Skytrooper Praetorian.

The Ravagers

  • The FIX-4U Droids no longer get stuck when attempting to repair consoles during the Torque encounter.
  • The Shoots Lasers Droid are now spawned at fixed points around the encounter area rather than being pets during the Torque encounter.

Items + Economy

  • Crafted weapons introduced in Game Update 4.0 now have color crystal slots, as intended.
  • Random world drop items no longer require Rise of the Hutt Cartel to equip.
  • Numerous Armstech crafted items no longer require Underworld Trading materials and instead require Investigation materials.
  • The craftable Biochem Implants Exarch Quick Savant, Adept, Initiative, Bulwark, and Bastion MK-26 Packages now have the correct stats.
  • The Advanced Medpac given to new Start @ 60 Characters is now Bind on Pickup.
  • The Bounty Hunter Crystal Vendors on either Fleet now sell the Outlander Boltblaster's Generator MK-4, Defiant Boltblaster's Generator MK-4, and the Exarch Boltblaster's Generator MK-4.
  • The Locked Medium Elite Commendation Container has been renamed to Locked Medium Glowing Crystal Container.
  • Names for items in the Mission “Hunger of the Vrblthers” on Nar Shaddaa now appear in French and German clients.
  • The Enslaved Underwalker Decoration no longer drops from the Dread Palace, and is now found in the Dread Fortress.
  • Hook sizes have been updated for the Jury-Rigged Battledroid, the Dread Forged Rancor, the Gree Core Guardian, and the Regional Annihilation Droid Decorations.
  • The Ancient Rakata Alchemical Beast Decoration is now properly granted by the associated item.
  • An Imperial and Republic version of a Generator Node Decoration have been added to the Warzone and Starfighter Decoration vendor. They are available for 750 Warzone Commendations.
  • Red and Green Fortitude Crystals are now automatically learned by players when choosing the Artifice crafting skill.
  • The weapons on the PvP Weapons vendor found on either Fleet no longer have default Hilts, Mods, or Enhancements. This also means that those weapons no longer have Expertise by default.
  • The Signet Ring of Ancient Tion now costs 5 Common Data Crystals instead of 10 on the Companion Gift Vendor.
  • The following items have had their appearances corrected:
    • Defiant Targeter's Jacket MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter's Jacket MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter's Boots MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter's Boots MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter's Gloves MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter's Gloves MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter's Headgear MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter's Headgear MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter's Leggings MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter's Leggings MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter's Belt MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter's Belt MK-2
    • Defiant Targeter's Bracers MK-4
    • Defiant Targeter's Bracers MK-2
    • Defiant Mender's Jacket MK-4
    • Defiant Mender's Jacket MK-2
    • Defiant Mender's Boots MK-4
    • Defiant Mender's Boots MK-2
    • Defiant Mender's Gloves MK-4
    • Defiant Mender's Gloves MK-2
    • Defiant Mender's Headgear MK-4
    • Defiant Mender's Headgear MK-2
    • Defiant Mender's Leggings MK-4
    • Defiant Mender's Leggings MK-2
    • Defiant Mender's Belt MK-4
    • Defiant Mender's Belt MK-2
    • Defiant Mender's Bracers MK-4
    • Defiant Mender's Bracers MK-2
  • The following mods no longer require artifact entitlement:
    • Versatile Hilt 7
    • Resistive Hilt 9
    • Versatile Hilt 5
    • Resistive Hilt 7
    • Versatile Hilt 11
    • Resistive Hilt 13
    • Versatile Hilt 9
    • Resistive Hilt 11
    • Versatile Barrel 40
    • Resistive Hilt 2
    • Versatile Barrel 36
    • Resistive Barrel 40
    • Versatile Hilt 3
    • Resistive Hilt 5
    • Versatile Hilt 2
    • Resistive Hilt 3
    • Versatile Hilt 13
    • Resistive Hilt 29
    • Versatile Hilt 29
    • Resistive Hilt 25
    • Versatile Hilt 25
    • Resistive Hilt 40
    • Versatile Hilt 40
    • Resistive Hilt 36
    • Versatile Hilt 36
    • Resistive Hilt 17
    • Versatile Hilt 17
    • Resistive Hilt 15
    • Versatile Hilt 15
    • Resistive Hilt 21
    • Versatile Hilt 21
    • Resistive Hilt 19
    • Resistive Barrel 17
    • Versatile Barrel 17
    • Resistive Barrel 19
    • Versatile Barrel 15
    • Resistive Barrel 13
    • Versatile Barrel 13
    • Resistive Barrel 15
    • Versatile Barrel 19
    • Versatile Barrel 25
    • Resistive Barrel 29
    • Versatile Barrel 29
    • Resistive Barrel 25
    • Resistive Barrel 36
    • Resistive Barrel 21
    • Versatile Barrel 21
    • Versatile Barrel 2
    • Resistive Barrel 2
    • Versatile Barrel 3
    • Resistive Barrel 3
    • Versatile Armoring 29
    • Resistive Armoring 29
    • Versatile Armoring
    • Resistive Armoring 31
    • Versatile Barrel 9
    • Resistive Barrel 9
    • Versatile Barrel 11
    • Resistive Barrel 11
    • Versatile Barrel 5
    • Resistive Barrel 5
    • Versatile Barrel 7
    • Resistive Barrel 7
    • Versatile Hilt 19
    • Resistive Armoring 29
    • Versatile Barrel 19
  • The following mods are now bind to slot:
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt 40X
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt 39X
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt 39X
    • Advanced Resistive Hilt 41
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt 41
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel 40X
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel 41
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel 41
    • Advanced Versatile Barrel 39X
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel 39X
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel 40X
    • Advanced Resistive Barrel
    • Advanced Versatile Hilt 40X
  • The following Color Crystals can now be trained at the Artifice trainer once again:
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange War Hero's Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue War Hero's Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Eviscerating Crystal

Missions + NPCs

  • Players who were missing Class Missions have had them restored.
  • The Mission [WEEKLY] GSI Valued Partner Initiative now additionally rewards 12 Glowing Crystals.
  • A confirmation dialog has been added to Conversation choices where a player is directly and knowingly choosing to kill or otherwise reject a potential follower. As a note, options that have unclear or unexpected outcomes (such as a follower rejecting you as a result of your previous actions rather than the player directly choosing to reject the follower) will not present a confirmation.
  • Companion abilities can no longer interrupt casting times of NPCs and players.
  • Fixed an issue with the Companion Locator Terminal where it was not allowing players to unlock the following companions: Blizz, Skadge, Khem Val, Broonmark, Rusk, Zenith, and Guss.
  • Players no longer automatically target their Companion after summoning them.
  • Companion base stats have been reduced.
  • Companion damage and healing output has been reduced.
  • Companions in the Tank role now generate additional threat.
  • Despite being astoundingly proficient at it, Vector no longer does his best Kaliyo impression while in his Healing role.
  • Companions are now able to use Gathering abilities after switching roles.
  • The introductory Missions with Hylo Visz, Beywan Aygo, and Sana-Rae now have purple Story icons.
  • Completing the Mission “Honor or Glory” now properly unlocks Torian Cadera.
  • 2V-R8 can now equip the Butler Droid customization as intended.
  • Corrected an issue where some player characters would snap back into a kiss animation in Chapter IX.
  • All PvP and Galactic Starfighter Daily and Weekly Missions now grant Experience based on Character Level.
  • The final defenders in all Star Fortress Shield Bunkers have been increased in difficulty.
  • The following flashpoint quests will now grant the SOLO Flashpoint access quest instead of the Tactical:
    • Call to Arms (Boarding Party and the Foundry)
    • The Jedi Prisoner (Taral V and Maelstrom Prison)
    • Violent Uprising (Republic Directive 7)
    • Immediate Vengeance (Imperial Directive 7)
    • Ilum Under Siege (Republic The Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor)
    • An Empire Betrayed (Imperial The Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor)
  • Jedi Knights are no longer offered additional off-hand item choices as rewards from the following Missions:
    • The Architect of Annihilation
    • The Search for Agent Galen
  • Sith Assassins are no longer offered healing gear as a Mission Reward for any Chapter.
  • Sergeant Namada now spawns currently during the Alderaan Mission “The Devouring Plague.”
  • The “Ancient Relics” Bonus Mission has been removed from the Jedi Knight Class Mission “Doomsday” due to deprecated Companion rewards.
  • The Alert Response Team Walker no longer respawns after it is defeated in Chapter III if a player exits the Chapter and reenters. This change will reset the Chapter for any player currently on it.
  • Talos's team now appears properly during the Mission “Fighting Power with Knowledge.”
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